Landmusik Grit Zurbrügg

For the music school Landmusik Grit Zurbrügg in Leipzig, I was asked to develop a uniform appearance and a website. The challenge was to gain a larger customer base through the website and to make the school’s offerings transparent.

Oct 2022 – Nov 2022 • Free project • Figma, Miro, Squarespace

The new, friendly appearance communicates the combination of closeness to nature (location on the outskirts of Leipzig) and the musical level. The modern simplicity and elegance of the Skolar Sans font supports the calm overall impression of the brand.  


The large use of type and high contrasts make navigation easy and accessible.

The website operates responsively on different sizes to display all content appropriately. Through advanced SEO (Search Engine Optimization) using keyword analysis and other optimized content, the reach of the site was increased and new people interested in music were acquired.